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(Editor:Nemo 7/8/2015)

9game proivdes you with a exciting sports game called Stick Cricket, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to share some reviews which can help you play this game. If you a looking for more sports game, please click here

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Fans of the slog-fest that is T20 cricket will enjoy this chance to live their dreams, smashing boundary after boundary against the world’s top bowlers.
It takes time to get the timing right, but when you do you’ll be smashing 20 an over against your choice of team and with the bonus of rights-cleared full player names.
The variety in bowling styles takes time to master, but the well structured levels draw you in and will soon have you addicted.


It’s more realistic than the pure arcade style Big Cup Cricket with better controls, players actually switching ends and player names, but it still falls short.
Satisfying as it is to smash a six every other ball, it would benefit from being more realistic with singles and twos the norm, but maybe that’s missing the point of this undeniably fun game.
There is a free trial version with the full version unlocking further levels a pricey £1.79, but just about worth it. Two-player mode via wifi or Bluetooth is fun and gives you the opportunity to bowl (why not in the other modes of the game?), but would be even better with online mode.


Simply great fun and an essential app for the cricket lover to dish out some punishment to the world’s bowlers, with the World Cup Edition level in the paid version a nice little bonus.

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