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(Editor:Nemo 6/19/2015)

9game proivdes you with a exciting sports game called Stick Cricket, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to share some tips which can help you play this game. If you a looking for more sports game, please click here

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When it comes to tips and hints for stickcricket it really just takes practice. To hit a 4 or a six you have to time your shot very well. One handy tip is that if you play the online version of stickcricket there is a training mode where it shows you when exactly to hit the ball. This skill can then transfer over to the stick cricket app and be used there.

It’s important to get used to all the different kinds of bowling. The spinners are often the most difficult to manage, leg spin and off spin are both completely different and it can be very tricky to time the shot right. One hint is whenever the ball is heading for the wickets make sure you tap the left button for right hander’s or vice versa for left hander’s.  Also watch out for bouncers as these can knock the batsmen’s head off!

There are two version of the stick cricket app for the iPhone. Free stick cricket and then the paid for version of the app. The free version is very good but the game plays are limited which I feel is a bit of a cheat. You can only play the first three world domination games in free and you can’t play the 10 over slog in the free stick cricket app. Like I say I feel like this is a bit of a cheat. If you spend £1.79 you can get the full version where you get all the world domination levels and the full 10 over slog.

Currently there are no cheats for stick cricket. This is still a relatively new app so maybe some one will come up with some in the future, but as of now there are no cheats available for the game.

Overall stick cricket really is a great little app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s so close to the online version and it really is great fun. The graphics and sound effects are top notch and the game play is so simple. It’s also a very challenging game and does take some real practice. If you enjoy cricket games or any other stick sports games then I am sure you will love the stick cricket Android app.

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