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9game proivdes you with a exciting sports game called Stick Cricket, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to share some tips which can help you play this game. If you a looking for more sports game, please click here

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Stick Cricket is the most interesting virtual cricketing match that can keep you hooked on for minutes and hours. The game is not only available online, but has been released for mobile applications and iPhone too. Playing this event is very simple. However, it is important to know that there are few tricks that can be used to the optimum for winning the game. Whilst it might not be very easy to play the game, as it apparently seems to be, there are many challenges to be faced.

In order to be an excellent stick cricket player, which is a game played with the stick people, you must start practicing. This is very important if you are planning to play at any of the leading matches or tournaments in times to come. Therefore, you have to hone your cricketing skills. This will also help in strengthening your weak spots, if you have any, and gradually you will also get familiarized to the different bowl styles. It also improves the timing skills that can make a lot of difference to the playing techniques and strategies.

The rule of this game sounds easily, but it's difficult to handle it. The top three Tips and cheats will give you a hand!

Swing based on pitch type. 

Once you've taken some time to use these Stick Cricket tips and identify which pitches the pitcher is throwing at you, it's time to respond. For throws with an off-spin, meaning they curve at the last second, use either the left or up arrow key to hit the ball. It will take a little practice to get the hang of which works best for each spin. The important thing is to avoid the right arrow key and you'll be just fine. For leg spin pitches (a slower curve), use up or left. For offstump pitches and any other Stick Cricket spin pitch, use right or up.

Timing is key

For fast bowlers, press the arrow when the ball is about to pitch. For medium bowlers, press the arrow after the ball pitches. For spinners, wait for the ball to come close to ur bat and then press the arrow

Slection in the right time

It depends upon the thickness of the stick as well..Most probably a batsman tends to rather miss the ball than really hitting it.So you need to watch the ball carefully and vary your shot slection in the right time.

Whether you're just starting out or you're already addicted, the tips and tricks above are everyone needs to know to progress in Stick Cricket  .Download the game at 9game and have a fun!

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