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(Editor:Emily 4/21/2015)

Hit out or get out in the world’s most popular sports game, Stick Cricket is easy to play yet hard to master. Here, 9game provide you some guides and reviews for this game, every new players need to know them.

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Dominate the world

From minnows to modern day masters, only a Stick Cricket legend can successfully unlock and conquer all 14 countries en route to World Domination.

Win the world cup

The most coveted silverware in cricket is up for grabs when you unlock this mode. Do you have what it takes to become a national hero?

Slog the stars for six

Pad up for your country against the greats in All Star Slog. If their reputation doesn’t scare you, their fierce bouncers might!

Win the world T2

16 teams battle it out in Bangladesh in an exhilarating two-over tournament tussle.

Test your skill

Get your eye in with a net session at the Academy, or take a skill test to improve your technique.


Stick Cricket  is an online sports game, where you basically play cricket with stick men. However, the game is much more involved that that and has lots of wonderful features that will keep players coming back time and time again. This game has been running for several years now and there are constant improvements being made to the game. The basic game is very simple but there are lots of different modes of play you can get involved in and lots of challenges to take part in.

The actual game play is very easy to get the hang of. To play shots all you do is press the arrow keys. How many runs you score when you play a shot all depends on your timing and if you press the right arrow. As you play the game and gain experience the shots become a lot easier and playing different bowlers becomes second nature.

There are multiplayer options, leaderboards, achievements and high scores all to get involved in when you play the game. As well as simple practice mode you have world cup games, ten over slogs, t20 matches and lots more to play in. The ultimate challenge is world domination which is where you must beat each team in the world slowly progressing to the final match. Each game is harder and to advance you must beat each team in order. There are some sites giving out passwords for world domination and these can be used to skip on ahead.

Stick Cricket is a fantastic game that has so much to offer. I have been playing this one for years and never get bored of it. If you want a top class online sports game then this one is most certainly for you.

Download the game at 9game at noce, your are sure to be addicted in no time.

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