Ghost Game Horror

Ghost Game Horror

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Ghost Game Horror

Ghost Game Horror

" Arcade "
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Ghost Game Horror is a simple ghost game yet direct challenge your heart pressure!
The game play is so easy and user friendly but require a strong heart to continue.
Above short and simple statement clearly declare that not everyone dare to play it.
Those who are having small heart might need to consider before you really try this.
The horror feel is really really strong like you are alone staying in the hospital.
Look at your eyes and you know that the thing is coming to haunt you from everywhere.
We would like to disclose some tips before you starting to explore this scary game.
There are different types of ghosts which is scary appearing in Ghost Game Horror.
They comes without any signal and could appear anywhere from any angle in sudden.
That would surprise you a lot even you have got yourself ready with it much early.
It makes the game becomes so mystery yet exciting and you will enjoy it very much.
This is a warning for you that you might get shock or scream during the game play.
Try to imaging how horror it could be for being alone in the hospital at mid night.
But no worry this is simple because you get so much fun and it makes you so high.
Focus and open your eyes big looking at the screen and beware of any haunt on you.
After all we really hope that you would enjoy to the max with Ghost Game Horror!
Unlock yourself take the risk and see how far you could go for in the game play.
How to Play Ghost Game Horror
- Kill All the Ghosts
- Protect Angel
- Score required points To Enter next Level
We know this game is so horror please do not get yourself admit to hospital.
Let's enjoy this exciting game play journey with Ghost Game Horror now!



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